Chapter 5 – Fence Thinkin’

And here we were again –sitting on the fence waiting for Pa, but we didn’t even know where he was or why he left. He only told us to wait. It made me worried – for him and for us kids.angry man

Dolly had fixed a small vegetable stew from the little food she found. We had just finished our supper when Pa came home. He entered the shack and slammed the door. He was already half-drunk by the looks of him. He pulled a few coins from his pocket and threw them on the counter by the sink. He dug through the cupboards, looked in the refrigerator, then back to the cupboards again.

“Pa, did you bring any milk from town?” Dolly asked. “I used up all the food we had here.”

He gave her an angry stare, then looked at each of us around the table with a strange look. We could smell liquor on his breath again.


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