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It’s a fact. Books which have won awards get better reviews and more attention from readers and buyers alike. But how do you get awards?  Reviews help.  Every author wants good reviews for their book; a good review will help sell the book. Belonging to a writing or reading group helps.  Finding an online reviewer who will give awards is even better.Members, friends, or relatives may gladly read and review your book, but may be biased. It is better to get a review from a person who will give an honest opinion – someone who doesn’t know you.

There are plenty of online reviewers and companies which offer reviews for a hefty price. You shouldn’t have to pay someone to read your book. The review given from a non-partial reader who picks up your book and simply loves it is much more honest and compelling to other readers. Where do you find these reviewers?

Facebook has several groups which offer reviews. Most sites have guidelines and a form to fill out about your book. They notify you if your book is accepted for their list. Reviewers will place a review of your book on Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari, Facebook, Librarything, and often on their own blog. Your book review has the potential of reaching thousands of readers across the globe.

On Facebook:

Julie’s Book Review, Book Reviewer’s Group, Book Review and Promotion are a few. Guidelines are posted on each page.

Online: will not only give free reviews, they give awards for the reviews if the work qualifies. Click on the link here, or on the icon at the top of the page.  Look online for other reviewers like See for many other reviewers and the genres they accept. There are many bookworms all over the world who will gladly read and review your book for the pleasure of reading a free book.

What to Have Ready:

Have your book ready in PDF, mobi or epub format, preferably with a cover and back cover. If you have a website or blog, link to it. Also include a brief bio complete with a professional-looking head shot.

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