Love Looks Back: The Search for Siblings

__LLB-Book front coverLove Looks Back: The Search for Siblings, second book in the Journey Home Series.

Frank travels back to his hometown to settle scores and make peace with his past. Visiting the old homestead, he discovers chilling evidence in the barn of things gone wrong. Clues to the past, to his father, and perhaps his father’s killer. In his search for his brother and sisters, Frank is awed at God’s intervention and how he is given direction to find the ones he seeks.

Love Looks Back is a message of forgiveness and healing from the hurts and disappointments of life. Order now! Available for Kindle, Nook,  or print copy. Click image at right to go to Amazon, or get your copy from Smashwords, Kobo, Lulu, or Bookbaby.


EXCERPT: Frank went inside the barn, found a bale to sit on, and tried to process recent events: the pocket watch, Mac’s letter, the funeral, Mike, the Johnsons, Simmons. How did it all tie together? The turmoil over Mike’s death tumbled within his being. He thought the matter was settled in his soul. Seeing the Johnsons just brought the ugly bile to the surface again. His mind felt like a boxing match with aggressive thoughts pummeling accusations, with reason trying to referee.
He kicked at the straw as he walked through the barn, angry at Simmons, angry at the Johnsons. Angry at himself. Another kick and his foot hit something solid. He kicked away the straw and saw part of a broken, jagged handle laying in the middle of the floor to some sort of tool. He pushed aside more straw – the pitchfork? He gasped. How did I miss that before?
That pitchfork was the same one he almost fell on when he jumped from the haymow one time. He dug around through the straw until he found the fork. When he did, a chill went up his spine. The tines were also coated with a black substance.
His heart skipped a beat. Frank got the broom and swept the loose straw into a pile. A curious dark stain covered part of the concrete floor. Feeling more frantic by the moment, he swept away the rest of the straw. Dizziness overcame him as he discovered what looked like bloody drag marks all the way to the door. He licked his finger and touched the blackened substance on the tines. It turned his finger and the tines red.
What happened here? A chill ran up Frank’s spine. Nothing good.
He stumbled into the dirt as he ran from the barn. A queasy, nauseous feeling overtook him. He suspected the worst.

Want to read more? Sample chapters here.


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