Love Looks Back -Sample

A Clue in the Old Barn

EXCERPT FROM LOVE LOOKS BACK Get your copy  of this cozy murder mystery at! Read for free with Kindle Unlimited. ___________________________________________________________ He thought he had overcome his emotions, but coming back to Tekamah tore off old scabs and reopened old wounds. He drummed the steering wheel as he drove, a myriad of thoughts whirling […]

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Book, Love Looks Back -Sample

Love Looks Back – Meet Dolly

Meet Dolly, oldest girl of the seven Larue siblings. Dol was the mother hen over her younger sisters and brothers. She had to be after Mama died. Excerpt: Her heart beating out of control, Dolly awoke in the strange white room with the stab of her own sharp pains. Disoriented, she didn’t know where she […]

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Marketing Tips, Writing Tips

What Do Readers Want?

How do book readers decide to read your book? They don’t decide. You do. Awesome responsiblity? Amazing power? Then, how do you get readers to want to read your book? You convince your readers to want to through marketing strategies. Whether you self-publish or go the traditional route, you must continue to market your own book(s). Traditional […]

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