Do You Have a Story to Tell?

Of course, you do! Everyone has a story to tell. Sad stories, Happy stories. Funny stories. But do you tell them well? Learn how to make your story interesting, inspiring, and motivating.

“How to Turn Your Memories into a Story”

A one-hour, step-by-step writing class to turn your memories into creative nonfiction. You will receive a workbook and supplies.


The ONE HOUR CLASS will be held at Thee Quaint Market, 114 E Pine, Strafford, MO on August 6, 2022. 1:00-2:00 pm. The class is limited to ten people, so sign up now!



  1. Hello Candy, I just read your recent Write-Design post about your workshop in August. I would like to know if you have filled all of your slots and if not how do I register for it.

    Thank you for your help. Raelene Crotser


  2. Hello Candy, I just paid my $10.00 for a spot at your workshop on Aug. 6th. Hope I didn’t miss the deadline. Haven’t been to Strafford in years and I’m not sure where Thee Quaint Market is located. Can you send me directions? Thanks, Raelene Crotser (417) 413-6720


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