Love's Journey Home: The Search for Love
Love’s Journey Home: The Search for Love

On that freezing cold night so long ago, all  he said was, “Git yore stuff on!  Ah’m goin’ ta town.

Ya’ll git on that fence and wait there  ‘til I gits back; an’ don’  ya dare move an inch!”
His breath reeked of liquor. Gracie was  too small to balance atop of the wooden  fence post, so Pa just “hung”  her there by her coat so she  wouldn’t fall off. I wasn’t sure  what to think or do. All I knew was that it  was getting colder by the minute. So, we  waited; thought he was probably in town  drinking some more and would be even  meaner when he came back. I shivered  again when I remembered he locked the  door. We couldn’t even get back in  the shack. What was he thinking?

It had only been a few weeks since Mama  left us. Pa had lined us up on the fence that  night too. It was an awful night. One by  one, he made us perch on our post. The  shack was way too crowded as it was.  Guess he figured the kids wouldn’t  be in Mama’s way when she gave  birth if we were outside on the fence. He  was really nervous that night. I could tell by  the way he chewed on his mustache and  paced the floor.

“Now, jes’ set out here a  spell,” he ordered. “Soon  ya’ll have yorsef a new brotha’ or sista’! I’ll  come an’ tell ya’s; then  ya’ll kin come back in. I’m  gonna go find someone to help yer Ma  now.”

He went into town to find someone to  come help Mama deliver the baby. I hoped Pa would hurry. I knew something  was wrong – dreadfully wrong as we listened to Mama’s screams and  pitiful cries of pain. But we were told to sit on the fence and wait – wait until we  were told we could go inside. So we sat and waited and talked and played games  and thought. Besides, if we were  loud enough, we wouldn’t hear  Mama’s cries. Fence-sitting gave us  lots of time to think.

Excerpt from Love’s Journey Home – Read more chapters here –

Love’s Journey Home (2013)available in paperback or Kindle at,  Barnes &, and in Nook or Kobo version on, or – Click on the book to buy!


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