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Stocking Stuffers for Kids!

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Congratulations to Susie K. Adams on her new children’s Biblical coloring and activity book, Patches Joyland Express! I had the pleasure of working with Susie to create her cover and format the book for publication.

“Patches,” the colorful patchwork turtle by illustrator Trudy Durfey, visits with children on each page. Patches then presents a coloring page, a word search, or a crossword puzzle. Each story presents a Biblical truth in language children can understand.

The beautiful coloring pages are illustrated by talented artist Valerie Van Bebber.



Be assured that your child will learn God’s truth through simple stories and activities!bee

Susie has also written a self-help book for those living with a loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease. My Mother, My Child is an in-depth look at how she coped while caring for her mother. 

Adams, Susie-2017Learn more about Susie Kinslow Adams and her encouraging words at her website: susiekinslowadams.com. Sign up for her newsletter and get a free copy of her little book,  30 2-Ingredient Recipes for the Busy Homemaker.


A reader, a speller, and a coloring book

All Beautiful Creatures
All Beautiful Creatures-CA Simonson

 All Beautiful Creatures assists your children to learn their alphabet along with learning about animals all over the world. 


Discover why Donnie the Dalmation thinks he lost all his spots, or how the furry yak keeps warm in the frigid cold. Learn what xerus looks like, what the aardvark eats and why foxes have whiskers. More than a storybook, it’s a learner and speller and a coloring book. Through rhyming stories and coloring pages, it’s perfect for Pre-K through second grade. 

ROOSTERC.A. Simonson and her sister, B.J. Clausen, collaborated in drawing the pictures and telling stories for each animal listed from A-Z in the coloring book.