Everyone wants to be loved, but Nina said no one would ever love a scarred cripple like her.

When two elderly ladies find a girl in a ditch, all they want to do is help. She’s cold, shaking, hurt, and scared. They take her home to clean her up and find out who she is and where she belongs. But she’s not talking. Is she mute or just afraid? Keeping her too long brings in the authorities. Social Services becomes involved and detectives are called in to find out about this runaway. But she wasn’t a runaway, Nina threw her away – and only Nina knows why she’s crippled and scarred. But who’s Nina… and will Rosie find the home she seeks so desperately??

RUNAWAY tells the fictional story of just one of thousands of children who disappear yearly.



Love’s Journey Home was released November 2013. A contemporary Christian drama/romance/coming-of-age set in the 1940s in Nebraska. Based on true events, this is a story of hope and love in the midst of despair. Seven children are abandoned by their drunken father. Left to sit on the fence in the sleet, they had to separate to survive. Guy, the oldest at age 14, takes his two youngest brothers to the neighbors, and then leaves to search for their missing pa. Dolly, age 12, takes her two younger sisters to the preacher’s. Frank, age 10, pawns himself off to the farmer trading room and board for what little work he could do. Searching for love and acceptance, Frank grows from a boy to a man and then he meets Ann. Ann changes everything – but will the man who claims to be Frank’s biological father ruin it all?

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Ann convinces Frank to return to his hometown and search for his brothers and sisters. Get scores settled. Forgive offenses – but can he deal with all the hurts of his past? He desperately wants to find his siblings again. Arriving at the old homestead, Frank finds a crude grave with his father’s name on it. He suspects his oldest brother, Guy. Or was it Simmons, the man who claimed to be Frank’s biological father? He has many surprises on his journey to exonerate his brother. In twists of fate, Frank finds more than he bargained for, but is surprised by God’s forgiveness and love.

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Guy, thinking the last fight with his father was fatal, chooses to run away to the Navy and fight in WWII. Now he finds himself in the Battle of Midway on a sinking ship, abandoned all over again. He will make any deal with God to get off the ship and find his family again.

While Guy battles his demons, his sisters struggle in their own battle in an abusive adoptive family. With a series of unique twists, Dolly stumbles onto clues of her sisters’ whereabouts, and finds amazing answers to her lost siblings. A sweet reunion culminates the Journey Home series as all come together again. Love’s Amazing Grace is a story of God’s grace in the midst of defeat.

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CHRISTIAN FICTION written in the style of Janette Oke, Jan Keron, and Laura Ingalls Wilder. If you love a story that grips your heart and gets you involved with the characters, you’ve come to the right place.



  1. Hi Candy, I used to work at AG headquarters with you. Congratulations on winning the Springfield Writer’s contest. 🙂 Your story gave me goosebumps! Blessings, Jaime Cole

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