Homeschool Helps

Homeschooling could be your new adventure. As a K-6 computer teacher for many years, I’ve created fun elementary worksheets, lessons, and teaching aides I want to share with you. Make technology FUN!

Computer Basics

I found that if you learn the basics of “PAINT” that comes with Windows, you can apply the principles to almost any graphics arts computer program. These simple lessons will help you learn the commands. Open the page, copy or download to your computer and open up in Paint.

Finding Paint or Paint 3D

Copy/Cutting Instructions

Apple Colors and practice with Paint bucket/selection

Copy & Paste-Make a Cross

Practice with Selection & Moving Objects

Practice with Line Tool and Rhyming Words

Teaching Lessons with the Computer

Contractions – inserting apostrophe

All About Me

Info for Timeline

Angrams with Tabs

Practice with Tabs


Computer Shortcuts

Whether you’re needing to “learn quick” so you can teach your kids, or learn for yourself, these shortcuts will help speed the progress!

Windows Key Shortcuts

Control Key Shortcuts

Word Tips & Tricks

Excel Tips


Virtual Field Trips

Take a day trip – from your home. Visit some of these sites online and have your student write about it!