Journey Home Trilogy



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The Journey Home series was inspired by many true events in the lives of the men I love – my father, my husband, his grandfather, and my sons.  The Christian-themed drama takes place in the 1930s in the Nebraska plains.

Book I- “Love’s Journey Home” follows the peril of seven children abandoned by their drunken father. They must separate to survive.  Frankie, third-born, begins his journey seeking for love and acceptance. Then he meets Anne. Anne changes everything.

Book II- In “Love Looks Back.,” Frank travels back to his hometown – the place it all began.  Revisiting painful memories in the old barn, he finds evidence of his father being killed. He finds a crude cross behind the barn and wonders if his oldest brother did it. Will he be able to vindicate Guy before it’s too late?

Book III – The eldest brother, Guy, has run off to war thinking he dealt the final blow to his father. He hadn’t meant to hit him that hard. Now, on a sinking ship in the middle of the ocean, he’s been abandoned all over again.  Meanwhile, Frank and his sister search for him and their other sisters. Through a few amazing twists and turn of events, the family ends in a joyful reunion.

Genre: Christian fiction, family drama and adventure

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Haunting Memories

Excerpt from Love’s Amazing Grace

airplane “That little tail hook is supposed to slow your jet and help it stop, but you must have lost it in combat.”

“Don’t know. Only know it was gone,” Jack chuckled.

“Your bomber ran smack-dad into all the docked planes before it stopped and you couldn’t aim it any other direction. What an explosion! Started several planes on fire, including yours. Made Captain Buckmaster a little upset.”

“More than a little upset,” Jack slapped his knee. “Thought I was headed straight into the ocean.”

“You’re lucky we got you out in time. You could have been burnt to a crisp.”

Jack suddenly turned somber, his quirky grin gone. “Yeah. I know.”

“It had to be really scary,” said one of the guys. “Bombs exploding and planes shooting at you.”YorktownBombed-1942

Both men nodded. “We thought we were going to die out there,” Jack admitted. Continue reading Haunting Memories

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