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Great Book Reviews for Free

It’s a fact. Books which have won awards get better reviews and more attention from readers and buyers alike. But how do you get awards?  Reviews help.

Every author desires good reviews for their book. The more reviews on Amazon, the further up the ladder your book will go. Reviews do help sell the book. But how do you get reviews? Is asking for them cheesy?  Yes, and no. You don’t want fake-sounding reviews. Belonging to a writing or reading group helps.  Finding an online reviewer who will give awards is even better. Continue reading Great Book Reviews for Free


Chapter 4 -Sad News

Early Saturday morning, Frank began his day at Fanny’s Corner Café to grab breakfast – the same place Mr. Simmons had taken him years before. The place Frank heard the cockamamie story of Simmons being his biological father. Frank bit his lip. Uneasiness settled over him as he found a booth in the opposite corner of the one he once shared with Mr. Simmons.

I came to put things behind me; to conquer my past. That’s what Anne wants me to do. That’s what I need to do. He picked up the local newspaper, ordered ham and eggs, and tried his best to concentrate on the real reason he came back to Tekamah. Continue reading Chapter 4 -Sad News