Self Publishing Assistance

Writing a book is a real challenge, but entering the publishing arena is a whole new world. Self-publication once frowned upon by the literary sorts, has now gained its own self-worth.

Love’s Journey Home-CA Simonson

My first novel, Love’s Journey Home, was published in 2013.  It was a daunting task, even for one schooled in technology.  However, I discovered formatting a book for online publication the way the professionals do it wasn’t as difficult as I once thought. I found some neat tricks and handy tools. Two years later, I published three more books on my own. 

As an artist, my skills and talent worked well with cover design and creation. All the covers of my novels have been an original design. I have also designed book covers for many other authors. (See book design examples).

Since then,  many other authors have received the joy and dream of getting their words into print with my help of formatting their manuscript for self-publication, creating a book cover, or helping them get their website up and running. 

Now, I want to help you get your book off the ground. Don’t know where to start? How do you get it self-published when you don’t know the first steps?  I’m here to help with formatting, getting your book in the right sizes for book-fold, bleeds, indexing, page numbering, and table of contents. If you have pictures, they’ll be uploaded with the proper pixels and dpi (dots per inch). Your cover design is up to your imagination. We’ll create it together as you share your vision for your book in print.

Do you have a marketing plan? A website? An author page? I can help you with those areas as well. An author still must market their book – how else will others know about it and buy it? Let me give you ideas and a plan.

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