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Available for Speaking 

I am available for speaking engagements for a nominal fee. Please contact me below.


  • A Guide to Plotting – What’s the Best Way? (workshop)
  • Writing for the Internet – How Times Have Changed
  • Writing Flash Fiction from a Picture Prompt (workshop)
    • (Includes) Five Elements of a Good Story
  • Marketing Tips and Hints
  • Writing the Devotional (workshop)
  • How to Self-Publish
  • Everyone Has a Story to Tell (Writing Creative Fiction from Memoirs)
  • 12 Steps to Make Your Story Worth Reading

As a former IT trainer with two major companies, more ‘technical’ classes for Windows and Microsoft Office are available.

  • Cleaning Up Your Email
  • Computer Safety Tips
  • Work Faster with Windows Shortcuts
  • Email Safety and Security
  • 30 Word Tips and Tricks

Free Consultation for Self-Publication

Many authors have come to me for professional interior design of their manuscript for self-publication. Along with setting up your manuscript in book format, I also prepare front and back copy, provide a ISBN number, number pages and put in headers. Book cover designs are an additional fee.

Contact me for a FREE QUOTE on your project. I would be pleased to advise you on your writing or marketing project.

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