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Love’s Journey Home, released in November 2013, is a contemporary Christian drama/romance/coming-of-age of seven children abandoned by their drunken father. They had to separate to survive – will they ever find each other again?  Based on true events, this is a story of hope and love in the midst of despair. LOVE’S JOURNEY HOME – […]

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Other Books By C.A. Simonson

Food Hacks, Helps, Hints Did you know a “hack” (a method to do things quicker or easier) was known as a “kink” in the 1800s? Scan for Kindle or Nook Fascinating food trivia, helpful produce buying tips, quick hints to make food tastier and quicker; fun helps to use food as cleaners and beauty products. […]

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Book, Love's Amazing Grace - Sample

Love’s Amazing Grace Nominated

I spoke to a man on Veterans’ Day who was a pilot during World War II. He told me he landed on the U.S.S. Yorktown and knew of its demise. It was one of the ships to sink during the Battle of Midway–the decisive turning point of WWII. History records two unnamed men left aboard. Love’s Amazing […]

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Love’s Amazing Grace: The Reunion -Excerpt

Seven  abandoned children had to separate to find their own way in life. Fourteen years later, when they try to put the family back together, it was harder than they imagined. Through hope, prayer, and determination, a sweet reunion will be found. Read an excerpt from the final book in the Journey Home series. U.S.S. Yorktown on fire after […]

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