In Top 3 for 2019 Readers’ Choice Award!

In the top 3 of the Historical Fiction category for 2019 Reader’s Choice Award! Scroll down, and then arrow back to Category 14 to find Love’s Amazing Grace. VOTE HERE Voting ends June 1, 2019 *Free preview below Vote for “Love’s Amazing Grace” for Readers’ Choice Award in Historical Fiction Love’s Amazing Grace has been nominated […]

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Book, Love's Amazing Grace - Sample

Love’s Amazing Grace Nominated

I spoke to a man on Veterans’ Day who was a pilot during World War II. He told me he landed on the U.S.S. Yorktown and knew of its demise. It was one of the ships to sink during the Battle of Midway–the decisive turning point of WWII. History records two unnamed men left aboard. Love’s Amazing […]

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