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Nominated for Readers’ Choice Award!

Nominated for Reader’s Choice Award in Historical Fiction!


Outnumbered, there seemed to be no possibility the U.S.A. could win, but win they did. The Battle of Midway was the turning point in the Pacific during WWII.  The captain thought all had abandoned ship, but two sailors were still on board.

Two Men Left Aboard a Sinking Ship

While doing research for the third book in the Journey Home trilogy,  I discovered two men were still alive on board the U.S.S. Yorktown after the call came to abandon ship. (historycentral.com/navy and navy.mil) The Yorktown was one of the ships sunk in the infamous Battle of Midway in World War II.  Little was mentioned of the unnamed abandoned men other than they were rescued; only one lived.
The main character had emerged for Love’s Amazing Grace. I would give this man a name and a story. The events of the sinking of the U.S.S. Yorktown are based on true events and testimonies of those who survived.

Vote for “Love’s Amazing Grace” for Readers’ Choice Award in Historical Fiction

Love’s Amazing Grace has been nominated for the Readers’ Choice award for Historical Fiction with TCK Publishing. As a tribute to veterans of World War II, please vote for Love’s Amazing Grace!

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Voting ends December 10, 2017.

Love’s Amazing Grace-CA Simonson

Love’s Amazing Grace recalls many of the harrowing events of that infamous day when the Yorktown bravely took three direct hits and still refused to go down. Discover why Guy was left on the ship and how he was rescued. Witness the amazing grace that reunites him with his three younger sisters, and the bittersweet reunion of a family brought back together after ten haunting years apart.

EXCERPT: Abandoned once at age fourteen; now, abandoned again on a sinking ship.  Huddled in a dark secluded corner, Guy hugged his knees, shaking with fear and cold. The total darkness threatened to consume him. His eyes hurt from crying, his body ached from fighting. He jerked as another rat tried to seek refuge beneath his jacket. He was alone. Left to die on a sinking ship. His past haunts him. He wants to die – but he’s not ready.



Haunting Memories

Excerpt from Love’s Amazing Grace

airplane “That little tail hook is supposed to slow your jet and help it stop, but you must have lost it in combat.”

“Don’t know. Only know it was gone,” Jack chuckled.

“Your bomber ran smack-dad into all the docked planes before it stopped and you couldn’t aim it any other direction. What an explosion! Started several planes on fire, including yours. Made Captain Buckmaster a little upset.”

“More than a little upset,” Jack slapped his knee. “Thought I was headed straight into the ocean.”

“You’re lucky we got you out in time. You could have been burnt to a crisp.”

Jack suddenly turned somber, his quirky grin gone. “Yeah. I know.”

“It had to be really scary,” said one of the guys. “Bombs exploding and planes shooting at you.”YorktownBombed-1942

Both men nodded. “We thought we were going to die out there,” Jack admitted. Continue reading Haunting Memories