Sneak Peek of “Love’s Amazing Grace”

Excerpt from Love’s Amazing Grace,  a story set during World War II and the Battle of Midway.  Why did the oldest Larue sibling run away to war?

* * *

“Hello, Dol!” Frank’s voice held an edge. “Know you’re busy. Have some bad news.”

“What’s wrong? Everything okay? It’s been months since I’ve heard from you.”on phone

“Sorry I haven’t kept in better touch. Been tracking down clues to Guy’s whereabouts since I was there last year….  I think I might have found Guy. Maybe you’d better sit down.”

She caught her breath and pulled a chair close to lean on. “Go on.”

“Remember the letter I got from Guy? It was postmarked California. He said he had joined the Navy; had to write a final letter home.”

There was one man on Yorktown’s roster named Ervin G. Larue.”

“But this all sounds like good news.” Dol took a sip of coffee. “Why do you think it’s Guy?”

“He was the only Larue onboard from Tekamah, Nebraska.”

“Then it has to be him. But why would he have changed his name to Ervin?”

“Maybe he didn’t want anyone to find him.”

“Because of what he said in the letter…?”

“That was my first thought.”

“Did you find out where the sailors from that ship went after the war?”

“Well, brace yourself. Here’s the bad news. The Yorktown was bombed by the Japanese only weeks before the end of the war. It sank.”

Dol gasped and collapsed into the chair. Hot coffee burned as it spilled onto her lap. “Sank?” Her voice caught in her throat. “Any survivors?”

“It appears there were some, but not….” He choked as he swallowed the last word.


Read more in Love’s Amazing Grace.



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