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Love’s Journey Home and Love Looks Back – Books I and II of the Journey Home series are on! If you don’ t like to read — listen! Both narrators have done the books justice and invoke great emotion. 

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front-cover_ribbonEver want to do something “different and meaningful” for Christmas? The family in The Christmas Adventure did something drastic besides.  What will they be willing to give up? Available on audio by mid-December.  Ready NOW to read free as an e-book.

These books are also available in e-book on Kindle and Nook, and as print copies. 


A resource for every kitchen newbie – new bride – college student – or just for fun. Food Hacks, Helps, and Hints has ideas and tips for choosing the best foods in the market, fixing and preparation hacks, quickie tips for tastier foods, and ideas on how to do it all faster! Coming in December! 


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Tears welled up in my eyes as I listened. Frank’s antics with the hated “Missus” made me laugh, and his puppy love with his ‘angel’ tugged at my heart — and I’m the author.  I’m stoked!  Peter Kendall put his excellent touches on this audiobook and I am well-pleased. Love’s Journey Home audiobook grips the listener as professional actor, Peter Kendall, tells Frank’s story of abandonment and his search for love as he grows from a boy to a man.


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Some Reviews from Amazon:

Love’s Journey Home is written with smart honesty, tenderness, and is rich with the complexities of human relationships.”

“The Journey Home series was a wonderful story. From the first word to the last, I was taken back in time, upset with some of the characters and completely involved….”

“The book was riveting with the characters coming alive through Simonson’s skilled pen. Poverty, pain, fear, and sorrow are woven throughout the story, but love, hope, and trust triumph. “Love’s Journey Home” is uplifting and inspirational. Without hesitation a five-star book!”

Read a chapter from the next book in the series, Love Looks Back.