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Love’s Journey Home and Love Looks Back – Books I and II of the Journey Home series are on audible.com! If you don’ t like to read — listen! Both narrators have done the books justice and invoke great emotion. 

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front-cover_ribbonEver want to do something “different and meaningful” for Christmas? The family in The Christmas Adventure did something drastic besides.  What will they be willing to give up? Available on audio by mid-December.  Ready NOW to read free as an e-book.

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A resource for every kitchen newbie – new bride – college student – or just for fun. Food Hacks, Helps, and Hints has ideas and tips for choosing the best foods in the market, fixing and preparation hacks, quickie tips for tastier foods, and ideas on how to do it all faster! Coming in December! 


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A Clue in the Old Barn


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He thought he had overcome his emotions, but coming back to Tekamah tore off old scabs and reopened old wounds. He drummed the steering wheel as he drove, a myriad of thoughts whirling through his troubled brain. He drove aimlessly with no sense of direction –  out of town, past the Johnson estate, past Wheeler’s farm, and found himself again on the dirt path of the old homestead. It was a good place to think.

shack.jpgFrank circled the old shack their family used to call home. Apparently, no one lived in it since they left. The roof had begun to cave in, some of the dirt-encrusted windows were broken, and he couldn’t remember if the shack had ever been painted. It was more in shambles than when he and his six siblings left ten years before, if that were possible. He parked the car, got out, and surveyed the property again. He kicked at the dirt in disgust. How did we ever live in this dump? Continue reading A Clue in the Old Barn