Love Looks Back -Sample

A Clue in the Old Barn

EXCERPT FROM LOVE LOOKS BACK Get your copy  of this cozy murder mystery at! Read for free with Kindle Unlimited. ___________________________________________________________ He thought he had overcome his emotions, but coming back to Tekamah tore off old scabs and reopened old wounds. He drummed the steering wheel as he drove, a myriad of thoughts whirling […]

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Book, Love Looks Back -Sample

Love Looks Back – Meet Dolly

Meet Dolly, oldest girl of the seven Larue siblings. Dol was the mother hen over her younger sisters and brothers. She had to be after Mama died. Excerpt: Her heart beating out of control, Dolly awoke in the strange white room with the stab of her own sharp pains. Disoriented, she didn’t know where she […]

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