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How Long Should a Book Be?

A novel starts a word at a time, building one upon the other. A fellow writer stated, “A word upon a word upon a word equals power.” Words transform into an idea and that idea develops into a story. The story becomes a novel, and that work of fiction can inspire, and bring enjoyment or […]

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Writing Tips

5 Email Security Tips

Let’s Go Phishing? Over six billion emails are sent out worldwide monthly in phishing attempts. This is an attempt to steal your identity. There are safeguards you can use. Don’t be the one who’s fooled. Common Passwords Did you know? Many use one or two simple passwords for every program or website. That’s a dangerous […]

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Website Assistance

Is it good for an author to have a website?  Many other authors will tell you “yes.”  According to, “it is your author’s platform. It is a place to draw readers, introduce them to your books, and get them to buy.” There are two main options for creating an author’s website: a static profile […]

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