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Haunting Memories

“Shrapnel exploded everywhere. I heard Tink scream…he was out of his mind with pain and couldn’t see.” From Love’s Amazing Grace, a WWII novel of the Battle of Midway and the sinking of the U.S.S. Yorktown.

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Are you a Coddiwompler?

I half-expected to see Big Foot or at least some giant bug appear behind one of the ancient, giant trees. Everything was so huge. I felt so small. Coddiwompler. “One who travels in a purposeful manner toward a vague destination.”   Love that word. It made me think of my recent trip to California and […]

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Two-Minute Stories in Every Genre

Romantic. Fun. Scary. Comical. Creepy. Every genre from science fiction to romance, mystery and horror to cute animal tales, you will find a story to your liking. READ FOR FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited, or get your digital or print copy to read anytime, anywhere. Last year, a challenge was given. Over forty talented authors […]

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