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Two-Minute Stories in Every Genre

Lovers kissRomantic. Fun. Scary. Comical. Creepy. Every genre from science fiction to romance, mystery and horror to cute animal tales, you will find a story to your liking. READ FOR FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited, or get your digital or print copy to read anytime, anywhere.

Last year, a challenge was given. Over forty talented authors worldwide responded in writing a 26-sentence story from A-Z or Z-A. The result – 58 flash fiction stories in every genre compiled into one book, A Quick Read.  Read excerpts from a few wonderful  stories…

* * *

Gently I took her in my arms and pulled her close. “For now, at this moment, it’s just you and me.”Exquisitely her delectable lips parted with invitation. “Don’t speak.” Carrying my prize to a nearby grassy knoll beside a gurgling river, we sat together as one. Before I knew what was happening we’d been caught up in our passion. From “First Love”  – (Indianapolis, IN)

Gravity took hold and before she knew it she was tumbling further down the cliffside. Had she known what this night would bring, she would have stayed home in the comfort of life. It was her own driven actions that brought her to this time, this place. Just as all her actions before this carried her down the path of life in a clumsy manner of which she acted first. From “The Cliff” – (Binghamton, NY)


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Opening the door into the hall, the rush of air fanned the flames behind him. Pulling the door shut with great difficulty and coughing wildly, he forced himself up the stairs. Quickly, he found the boy’s bedroom door and flung it open. Reaching down for the child’s bed in the gloom, to his dismay, he found it empty. From “Rescue” – (Gloucester, UK)

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Photo credit: taylorschlades from morguefile.com

“Where is Dominick? Has anyone seen Dominick?” Kim’s panicked voice rose with each syllable. Frantic, she searched room to room throughout the huge rental for the missing four-year-old. It was barely dawn on the coast of the crisp Pacific Ocean.

The Clausen family rented a three-story furnished house with a beautiful view a block from the ocean for their annual family reunion. Sleeping quarters were tight for 25 people, no matter how many camped out on the floor. Dominick’s single mother, Jen, decided to spend the night elsewhere. She knew her kids would be safe with the cousins and adult relatives staying in the house for the night. Her Aunt Kim assured her they would be fine and not even miss her.

Uncle Jeff, still groggy from sleep, rose from the couch to rattle the front door. “The door isn’t even locked. You did lock this door last night, didn’t you, Kim?”

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