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“The Fisherman”

Guest post in 26 sentences – from A to Z
by Linda Dyson | United Kingdom

Anglers watched in amazement as a small boy of about four or five years old waded knee-deep into the fast-flowing river.

Blissfully unaware of his observers, he stood transfixed. Clearly visible at his feet was a multitude of tiny fish. Delighted at the sight, the child slowly moved further out from the bank. Everyone watching felt the tension between the desire to call out and save him from being carried downstream and at the same time not wanting to break the spell. Continue reading “The Fisherman”


Inside Ballerina – Written from Z to A

ballerinaZealous in her love of dance, she pushed ardently through one more pirouette, delicately balancing on one toe.

Young, graceful, beautiful, her chiseled body spun weightlessly on the toe of her yellow satin slipper, then knee buckling, she relinquished to the pain of another cramp.

X-rays revealed a different plan: new life was developing inside her – a message she embraced, but didn’t want to hear; she clutched her belly and thought of Victor.

What she would tell him was a problem she didn’t want to face; she feared his reaction and his temper…and she was right. Victor was not happy at her news and demanded she get back to work immediately; they would talk later.

Under pasty makeup and scant clothing, she regretted the fact that her living had to be made another way than her love of dancing. Tears trickled down her cheeks as she headed back to work; things didn’t go as planned and she had gotten careless, but she had to eat too. Continue reading Inside Ballerina – Written from Z to A