Five Star Review Ratings on Amazon

FIVE STAR REVIEWS ON AMAZON in the United States and in the United Kingdom! What people are saying about Love’s Journey Home (book 1) and Love Looks Back (book 2) on Amazon.comBooks

“…an author who knows how to make a story on pages come alive in your imagination. Her characters become a part of your life as you read deeper and deeper into theirs. Her first book Love’s Journey Home stole my heart. I know this one will too. Her characters help you understand how a person can make the best of their life under any circumstances. I would encourage everyone to have Love’s Journey Home and Love Looks Back on their bookshelves for reading and re-reading through generations.”

“The book was riveting with the characters coming alive through Simonson’s skilled pen. Poverty, pain, fear, and sorrow are woven throughout the story, but love, hope, and trust triumph. “Love’s Journey Home” is uplifting and inspirational. Without hesitation a five-star book!”

Read both for FREE if you have Kindle unlimited, or simply borrow the digital book. If you want a print copy, get it at Amazon or from the author’s website at



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