Self-Publishing Your EBook on Multiple Sites

Can you publish a digital version of your book on multiple distributor sites? Yes, provided you have not agreed to go with Kindle Select, or any other digital publisher which guarantees they are the only distributor for a 90-day period.

In fact, Mark Coker, creator of Smashwords, encourages it. “Get your book out to as many markets as possible,” he says. “You are the agent for marketing your book.”

Most sites require a membership (they have to know where to send your money), but membership is free. In most cases, your digital version must be in Microsoft Word format, i.e.,  *.doc, *.docx, or in a PDF. Some places require more. Here are a few sites to get you started.

Kindle Direct Publishing (



    1. I have tried that route – using KDP select for the 90-days. I didn’t sell many at all. If you don’t watch the time, you are automatically re-enrolled for another 90 days. I decided to see how multiple platforms worked for me.

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    2. I have been with KDP Select for over 2 years it just gets better and better. I would not consider leaving unless there was a major Amazon collapse.

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