ARTWORK from SprayPaint

What can you create with ordinary spray paint and a little creative imagination?  Amazing pictures. A little spray here, some more over top, layer upon layer, the canvas is covered. Then, with a spatula from my kitchen drawer, I begin pulling out mountains, rivers, waves, and clouds.  The heat of the sun and the strength of the wind have a lot to say about how it turns out. The result is sometimes surprising – even to me – and that’s what makes it fun!

I was inspired after visiting Alaska and taken in awe of the beauty of God’s creative landscapes.

Why spraypaint? On a whim (and after being urged on by my sister), I watched a few YouTube videos of spraypaint art, and wanted to try my hand at it. My methods and techniques may be different, but there’s always an amazing picture hiding beneath the layers. I only need to coax it out.

Pictures are available in almost any size in any medium (canvas, framed, cards) and can also be printed on tote bags, cellphone cases, pillows and much more from Fine Art America!

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