Memes with Canva?


At a writers’ group meeting, writers learned the importance of using memes. What are memes? Think of them as an advertisement for your book. With a picture and a few words, your aim is to invite readers to click on the link which then takes them to Amazon or your website where they can purchase the product.  I’ve also heard them called “magnet ads.” You are attempting to draw someone to your book by a simple phrase and photo.

Discover Canva

Canva is web-based ad creator which includes apps available for iPads and Chromebooks. The drag-and-drop functionality makes it simple to use. Now you can you create your own ads without the expense of buying publishing programs. Canva has more than one million photos, icons, and layouts. Canva makes you look like a professional without even trying. There’s no cost to use the thousands of free illustrations and images, or you can upload your own. If you can’t find a picture you like, you can purchase one of more than one million professional stock images (usually about $1.00).

99c devotion ad

There are over 56 templates available  – everything from posters, website, Facebook, Google banners, invitations, Twitter or Facebook ads, and more.

How it Works:

  1. Sign in with your Google account or create a separate FREE Canva account.
  2. Select a template for a Facebook ad (click on MORE to scroll down to Facebook ads).
  3. Edit text
  4. Add relevant pictures
  5. Save/publish/share

Canva also offers a free Design School with how-to instructions on many projects.

Love Looks Back – A Murder Mystery by C.A. Simonson – Click to buy

Need Help?

If this still seems like a daunting task, or you simply don’t want to take the time to learn, let me help. I will create a meme or magnet ad for you. Click here for more info.


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