Teaching Kids at Home

Homeschooling Upset

Homeschooling may not have been your first choice, but suddenly you’ve been thrust into this new position. It’s become a new normal that many families have to face.

Don’t stress.

There are plenty of helps online, and I want to share what I’ve found. As a K-6 computer teacher for many years, I created many worksheets and lesson plans that reinforce history, geography, English and grammar skills. Now, I’ve created a HOMESCHOOLERS PAGE for all those who now find themselves homeschooling. It has simple FREE worksheets to download, virtual field trips, resources and more!

No Writing Program?

You don’t need a special writing program like Microsoft Word. Windows comes bundled with a simplified WordPad and Notepad. You or your student can learn to type on these programs which has many of the same commands as all other writing apps. There are also lots of free applications online. Google Docs is great and works like MS Word; Libre Office is another. All of the worksheets included on the HOMESCHOOLERS tab will open in any of these programs.

Find Wordpad on your computer by clicking on File Explorer (looks like a folder), then typing wordpad.exe in the Search window. When it appears, double-click to open it.

No Drawing Program?

As a teacher, I found that kids love to create and draw. Special graphics arts applications like CorelDRAW, Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator are the top paid programs, but you don’t need these. When kids learn the commands and how to navigate in Paint, the same commands will operate in almost every other graphics arts application.

If you use Windows, you have PAINT, which comes bundled in the program. The newer Windows 10 also had PAINT 3-D, which is a fun painting program. Other free and fun drawing apps are SUMOPAINT, GIMP, and GETPAINT.NET.

How to Open Paint Worksheets

The Paint programs on the HOMESCHOOLERS tab is a picture. It will have to be downloaded (or copied and pasted) to your computer in order for your student to use it. Find where you saved the worksheet (preferably on your desktop) and then right-click the photo you downloaded. Click “Open with”, and choose Paint or Paint 3D to work on the project.

Typing Programs

You can even teach your children to type. With iPhones and tablets, we’ve all gotten lazy with correct typing skills, and choose to peck and choose. Mavis Beacon is a wonderful teaching program for kids having lessons as well as games that teach correct fingerings. It is now offered for free! Typing.com has a free typing tutor for both students and teachers.


What are new ways you’ve taught your kids? Share in the comments


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