Save Your Facebook Pictures

Many rely on Facebook to keep in contact with family and friends. It may be the only source some have of receiving pictures of loved ones. What happens to all those pictures if your Facebook is suddenly gone?


It’s easy to save a picture to your computer. Simply click on the picture to open it up. *(Note: If you plan on using the picture in any way, it’s necessary to get permission from the owner, unless it belongs to you).

Right-click on the picture to open the dialog box. Left-click to “Save image as…”

It will show a long name for the picture.

Start typing over this highlighted name with a more recognizable name for the picture.

Make sure you know where you picture is going. If you want it in your computer, save it to PICTURES. If you want to save it to a flash drive, look for “removable disk” or the name of your flash drive.

You may have to scroll down to find your picture library or flash drive.


Did you know you can save an entire album from Facebook? Go to your PICTURES folder on Facebook and locate the album you want to save.

Right-click on the album and select “Download Album.” It may take a few minutes as photos are downloaded. Once they are ready, Facebook will notify you. Then you can download it to your computer.


Facebook allows you to download all your photos at once plus everything else in your account if you so choose.

  1. First, in your Facebook page, click on the down-arrow in the upper right-hand corner. This is your account information.
  2. Click on Settings and Privacy.
  3. In that group, select “Settings”
  4. Then select “Your Facebook Information.”

From here you can select what you wish to save from ALL POSTS, ALL PHOTOS AND VIDEOS, ALL COMMENTS, and much more.

Select HTML as your format, and then click on “Create File”

Don’t risk losing all those precious pictures the kids and friends have sent you. Download them to your computer for safe keeping!


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