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Meme/Magnet Ads

Red convertible-memeMemes, sometimes called magnet ads, or targeted ads are advertisements for your book. With a picture and a few words, your aim is to pull readers in. You want them to click the link which then takes them to Amazon or your website where they can purchase the product.

Love Looks Back meme
Click to buy

By posting a picture with a simple phrase and photo on social media, you may get a new reader!


I CanHelp!

Let me create a meme or magnet ad for you.

99c devotion ad

What I Need from You

  1. A photo of your front book cover
  2. The genre of your book and a short description.
  3. If you already have an idea for a phrase or catch tag, let me know.

Meme/Target Ad

Creation of a targeted ad for a book.


Fill out your form below, and let’s get started!