5 Email Security Tips

Let’s Go Phishing?

Over six billion emails are sent out worldwide monthly in phishing attempts. This is an attempt to steal your identity. There are safeguards you can use. Don’t be the one who’s fooled.

Common Passwords

Did you know? Many use one or two simple passwords for every program or website. That’s a dangerous practice. The top five passwords were 12345678, password, qwerty, and 123456 – this information coming from an annual list from millions of stolen password. (Source: SplashData)

If this same password is used for all your accounts, a hacker not only has it for your email, but for your bank account, PayPal, Amazon, and any of the other accounts you use that password for.

Be Wise

If you received a new phone, tablet, or computer recently, you’ll want to make your email to be secure. The best solution is to use a different password for each site. Remember – if you change your password on one device, it doesn’t change it for all your devices. You must change it on your computer, tablet, phone, or laptop as well.

GET THE PDF- Five Tips to Keep Your Email Secure

Get all the tips in the clip plus more in the PDF, "Five Tips to Keep Your Email Secure." Simple step-by-step directions.



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