Find the Mistakes

THIS STORY is written with common errors. Can you find them?

“The Reunion”

For all intense purposes, I think this reunion is just a trick to get me there, Jack thought. Everyone knows I’m different, but I ain’t gonna let it effect me. I’m going because I want too, not because their making me.

Jack Jones fumed the whole ten hours drive to the little community of Clarkston. Deep down in internal argument, he almost drove passed his turn. He traveled further down the road searching for the reunion signs. The family reunion was going to be event full for a number of nogood reasons, and he wasn’t looking forward to it. A large marker-printed sign with an arrow was tacked to the tree beside Turner Road. “JONE’S REUNION STRAIT AHEAD. He turned out on the road and headed towards the old Joneses family farm.

It seemed like just yesterday that he grew up on this farm. He thought about his siblings that stayed behind after he left for college. He remembered his cousins that lived on the next road over. He thought of Shelia, and then shook his head. There wasn’t nothing there to hold him there. Dead end, he thought. so he left.

People had all ready started to arrive when Jack pulled up in the drive with his VW van. He saw his cousin Shelia. She was the last one he wanted to talk too. Memories of Shelia weren’t the greatest when he left home. As he got out of the van, she came running with her arms flung open wide.

“Jack!” Shelia squealed in delight. “You came! I told everyone you couldn’t stay away…” she batted her eyes at him.

Jack shook his head yes as he got out of the van, trying his best to avoid a hug; then he noticed Maria behind her. That would complicate things.

Shelia couldn’t wait to see the cousin she’d loved as a girl. It made her jiggly insides wondering how he’d respond, but when she saw him get out of his car, she knew right away—

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