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RUNAWAY receives a five-star review from READERS FAVORITE!

“From the very first page, I felt a strong sense of empathy for the young girl. The author does an incredible job of describing her emotions, capturing her forlorn experience with terrific descriptions. The characters are well-developed, and readers will really be won over by sympathy for the runaway girl while their hatred for those who abuse children will grow even stronger. The pathos is strong and it is easy to develop an emotional connection with the young protagonist. Runaway is a powerful indictment of the foster care system in the country and a story that creates a strong awareness of some of the pain carried in the hearts of parents without children. C.A. Simonson is a master storyteller and the confident voice will certainly leave no reader indifferent to the message of this novel.” READERS FAVORITE REVIEW by Romuald Dzemo 6/1/2020

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This novel was also nominated for the religious category in the “Reader’s Choice Awards.”

In 2019, RUNAWAY received the gold Titan Award for excellence in writing.

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REVIEW BY RAKUTEN KOBO/ Available on iTunes

RUNAWAY tells the plight of a young girl as she struggles to find love, hope, and peace. She has been told her scars are the ‘devil’s kiss’ but no other explanation of how she got them. She has no mother or father – only Nina. Nina has told her ‘no one will ever love a cripple. She feels scarred and ugly. Unloved. Unwanted. What else could she do? She only no other choice….

Two elderly ladies enter her life, and things start to turn around – until Child Protective Services enter the picture. Rosie’s world is turned upside down and inside out as she tries to make sense of life. Then, something wonderful happens that gives her reason to believe in hope and faith and her reason for living.

RUNAWAY is a story of faith, hope, and healing as one young girl learns to “trust the wait”. Her patience and faith are both challenged until she comes to the full realization of what real love can do. Although child abuse and abandonment are addressed, there is no graphic detail that would make this an R-rated book.


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