Scam Alerts!

Would you click on VERIFY ACCOUNT?

It’s a new year, and already scammers are out in full force. Beware of emails wanting you to “verify your account.” When getting emails such as these, there are a few things to check first.

NEVER click on “VERIFY ACCOUNT” without knowing who this is coming from. It tells me my account was temporarily closed, (notice how they spelled ‘temporarily’) and they want me to confirm my ‘identify.’ TWO BIG FLAGS!

Next red flag, even though I have used Square in the past, I have never used Cash App.

Next check WHO it’s coming from. If it’s from Cash App or Square, wouldn’t the email have that in its address? Instead, this comes from

I’m not even going to bother trying to reply or look them up. This is a big scam!

This is phishing at its best. They want you to click on Verify Account to get financial information from you. If not that, then to get other information from your computer as a bug or virus can be transferred.

BEWARE OF THE SCAMS! Check them out and don’t be fooled. If you still want to verify your account hasn’t been tampered with, then go directly to your account. Never click on a link.



I’ve gotten alerts from Amazon, Paypal, and others. BEWARE. Check your account first. Look carefully at the email.

This one is going to: –in other words, blanket coverage to everyone they can send to. Who is it coming from? does not look like an Amazon address.

Dates are off. This email was sent on 11/3/2020. It says the account was suspended on 3/11/20. Hmmm.

The letter itself looks very legitimate. It comes with a warning — IF YOU DO NOT VERIFY WITHIN 24 HOURS… and it wants you to click the link. Don’t do it!

First order of business: Check your account directly. If you see anything amiss, contact them directly. Do not go back and verify your account with the link. If everything looks fine, ignore it and delete it and go your way.



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