“Rich in the Complexities of Human Relationships”

Erwin, Yvonne-2014Love’s Journey Home is written with smart honesty, tenderness, and is rich with the complexities of human relationships. It’s an amazing account of how seven children parted ways in the 30s when their drink-ruined father abandoned them at their family shack in Nebraska one sleety, cold night, after their mother died in childbirth. Frankie, the middle child, pleas with a neighbor for work on his farm and for board. Years later, when he suspects the farmer may have tried to sell him to a shyster, he hops a train and runs away, winding up in Wisconsin. Frankie longs for the love of a family, something he misses desperately. When he is taken in by the local grocer and begins to make a life in the tiny Wisconsin town, he confronts his lifelong feeling of inadequacy and all of his questions about this “Jesus” so many people have mentioned to him. He meets someone who leads him to love, the love he’s been searching for all his life.

Love’s Journey Home is a great read. I recommend it heartily.

Yvonne Irwin