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Hope and Encouragement for Troubled Times

Times like these need encouraging words. Something…anything to hang onto when you feel like you’re going down for the last count. A nugget of truth to lift you up. Hope for another tomorrow on your journey of life.

Thoughts for Evening Time has over 130 true stories of hope and faith. Truths that only come through experiencing them first-hand.

Find strength through scriptural references to each story. Click on the link in the sidebar to get your signed paperback. Click the books above to obtain your digital copy for only 99 cents! (Or read for free if you have Kindle Unlimited)!

Read an excerpt here: “What Do Your Eyes Say?”



New release, All Beautiful Creatures – A Story Coloring Book  will be available soon.  Sisters, B.J. Woodland Clausen and C.A. Woodland Simonson collaborated to create a story poem for each original pen and ink drawing.

Little ones can learn about each creature as they color the 8×10 picture and learn their alphabet at the same time!

All Beautiful Creatures will be available on Amazon or by direct order by April 20. (Cover design by C.A. Simonson)