Book, Love's Amazing Grace - Sample

Love’s Amazing Grace Nominated

I spoke to a man on Veterans’ Day who was a pilot during World War II. He told me he landed on the U.S.S. Yorktown and knew of its demise. It was one of the ships to sink during the Battle of Midway–the decisive turning point of WWII. History records two unnamed men left aboard. Love’s Amazing […]

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Love's Amazing Grace - Sample

Nominated for Readers’ Choice Award!

Nominated for Reader’s Choice Award in Historical Fiction! Outnumbered, there seemed to be no possibility the U.S.A. could win, but win they did. The Battle of Midway was the turning point in the Pacific during WWII.  The captain thought all had abandoned ship, but two sailors were still on board. Two Men Left Aboard a […]

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Writing Tips

Your Editing Toolbox

If you haven’t read your manuscript, fiction or nonfiction, at least three-to-five times, you’re not ready to publish it yet. Use Control+F The little command of Control+F on your computer can be a lifesaver. Use it to find all the unnecessary words in your manuscript like “that” or “had” and then eliminate most of them. […]

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Hope and Encouragement for Troubled Times

Times like these need encouraging words. Something…anything to hang onto when you feel like you’re going down for the last count. A nugget of truth to lift you up. Hope for another tomorrow on your journey of life. Thoughts for Evening Time has over 130 true stories of hope and faith. Truths that only come […]

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