Love’s Amazing Grace: The Reunion -Excerpt

Seven  abandoned children had to separate to find their own way in life. Fourteen years later, when they try to put the family back together, it was harder than they imagined. Through hope, prayer, and determination, a sweet reunion will be found. Read an excerpt from the final book in the Journey Home series.

U.S.S. Yorktown on fire after bombing -

U.S.S. Yorktown on fire after bombing –

“Did you find out where the sailors from that ship went after the war?”

“Well, brace yourself. Here’s the bad news. The Yorktown was bombed by the Japanese only weeks before the end of the war. It sank.”

Dol gasped and collapsed into the chair. Hot coffee burned as it spilled onto her lap. “Sank?” Her voice caught in her throat. “Any survivors?”

“It appears there were some, but not….” He choked as he swallowed the last word.

Dol was silent as she gasped for air. This can’t be. God, please. Not another brother gone…if there’s any way….“Are you for certain…Guy was onboard?”

I hope and pray he was not, Sis.”

A few seconds ticked away as Dol choked away the sobs.

“Dol, are you okay?”

“I don’t know if I can handle this….” Her voice cracked. We were abandoned and left to fend for ourselves. Frank hopped a train to get away from abuse; I was forced to leave the orphanage after Josie and Grace were adopted. Mike and Jesse were safe with the Johnsons only to have them die young. Guy went to look for Pa, but instead joined the Navy because he thought he had murdered him. “It’s…it’s just too much….” Her voice faded.

Frank took in a huge breath. “I know. We’ll get through this, Sis. I want to trust God has spared our big brother. If he’s alive, we have to find him and let him know he’s innocent – that Pa didn’t die at his hand. I promise to keep searching.”

“And I…” Dol pulled herself together with a huge breath, “…will continue to look for Josie and Grace.

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Love's Amazing Grace: The Reunion

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Love’s Amazing Grace: The Reunion


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